Camo Inks capture place and time through the essence of plants.  Hand made in small batches they are predominantly made from wild flowers and plants from my allotment.  Some are made from foraged material or culinary ingredients.

My allotment is a unique plot with over 120 identified wild plants surrounded by hedging with 12 different types of tree including: hazel, field maple, ash, oak, horse chestnut, yew, wild cherry and hawthorn.

The inks are impermanent and unstable lending themselves to the slow scratch of quills, building depth of colour with layered washes, spills, drips and puddles.

Ink making is a zero waste, circular production cycle with plant material composted after colour extraction.

I have been exploring using the inks with the same species of plant as a drawing tool.

Displayed and sold as part of an artists' table sale at Grand Union, Birmingham.